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 Monticelli d'Ongina is placed at 23 km from Piacenza province and at only 10 km from Cremona.

Ancient installation already inhabited in Roman period, Monticelli proposes to the visitor an immense cultural offer.

He covers, in fact:

  • The Pallavicino Casali castle of the XV century (the inhabitants called it simply the Fortress), inside of it you will find a rich chapel with valuable paintings of Bonifacio Bembo;

  • The College of San Lorenzo from the second half of the XV century;

  • The Museum of Little and that of the Civility countrywoman (are accommodated in the Fortress).

 From the annual events we will bring in front:
  • "Monticelli jazz", that accommodates every summer the greatest names of the Italian jazz;

  • "Geranium Fair", in May, with geraniums exhibition and sale and varied goods;

  • "Garlic Fair", in October, bound to the blossom local cultivation of garlic. Monticelli brags to be "the capital" of garlic;

  • The party of the "Carts of St. Martino and ancient occupations" - in November.

 For nature lovers the location offers possibility of trips with the bicycle in the neighboring country, long cycle-tour travels on the river Po and in the close Seraphim's Island territory, sorted in the 'Site of Community Interest' for the beauty of the river landscape and for the possibility to observe a varied species of protected water birds.